Digital Art

Small creek in winter. Digital watercolor. Painting in week ten.


Digital Art

To learn digital painting with the computer, we will do for the time of 12 weeks a total of 60 digital paintings.
In practice 3d-computer, we did design already five cars. Next we will do three Organic Architecture projects, one 3D-Visualization, and three Product Designs. Total personal practice time is 12 weeks with 60 digital paintings and 12 designprojects.
We do this because we have here in Thailand a Covid-19-Lockdown. A good time to do in May, June, and July some personal work to refresh. We like to improve our workflow, creativity, and technique.
Sometimes the art is inspired on the base of other artists work. This is for our personal use and used only to learn from other artists. We like to learn digital guache/oil and digital guache/watercolor.
For a service we offer Digital Art.
All copyright 2021 On Nuea Art, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Week one

Lonely tree in snow. Watercolor.
Lake-landscape with mountains.
Bison in a snowstorm.
Damnoen Saduak floating market in Bangkok.
Backstreet in Bangkok with yellow bikeline.


Week two

Rivermarket in Bangkok.
Gemse, Romansch-Graubünden, Switzerland. Watercolor.
Gaza conflict on 12.5.2021. Drawn on I-Pad mini.
Lake-landscape in digital watercolor.
California fire 2020. Sketch on I-Pad mini.


Week three

Farmhouse in Tessin, Switzerland.
Rooster in the morning.
Tomatos in digital oil composition.
Old corn harvester.
Cornfield ready for harvest.

Week four

Seine River. Claude Monet.

Water Lily Pound. Claude Monet.

Scene in the desert.

City and Landscape in digital watercolor.


Week five

City at sunset in digital oil.
Ottoberg hilltop at sunset. Our hometown Weinfelden, Switzerland. I-Pad mini.
City. Digital watercolor .
Big tree in japanese garden. Digital watercolor.
Landscape, approaching storm.

Week six

Warmup sketch. Beach.

Quick sketch on I-Pad mini,-Piz Toissa, Savognin.

Highest monastery in Europe, Kloster Ziteil near Piz Toissa, Savognin.

Sunset. Sketch on the I-Pad mini.

Blue eavening.


Week seven

Watercolor and guache. Quick sketch.

Landscape. Quick sketch. Watercolor, guache, and oil.

Snow in town. Watercolor and guache.

Golden China tempel. Quick sketch. Digital oil.

City with Watercolor. Quick sketch.

Death tree. Guache and oil.


Week eight

Arizona desert. Digital oil.

Piz Toissa 2657 m, Savognin. Digital oil.

Men cooking corn. Digital oil.

Themed restaurant (Ustria) and bar with cosy-style. Art-paintings from our first interior-idea based on 3d-CAD. Digital oil.

Themed restaurant (Ustria) and bar with cosy-style. Art-paintings from our first interior-idea based on 3d-CAD. Digital oil.


Week nine

Waterfall in Switzerland. Digital oil.

Beach in California. Digital oil.

City outside downtown. Digital watercolor sketch.

Lower Yosemite waterfall in California. Digital oil sketch.

Lake and mountains in the early morning. Digital oil.


Week ten

Fantasy warmup sketch on I-Pad mini. Digital oil.
Grassland in springtime. Digital oil on I-Pad mini.
Cliff in California. Digital oil.
Mountain forest. Digital oil sketch.
Small creek in winter. Digital watercolor.
News Amazonas burning on 4.7.2021. Same as here in Asia. Farmers in depth make some few elite even more rich. Digital oil.

Week eleven

River in winter. Digital watercolor.
Stones in the mountains. Digital watercolor.
Sunset on the beach sketch. Digital oil.
Tree sketch in digital oil.
Australia landscape in digital watercolor.

Week twelve

Alphuette in Graubuenden. Digital oil.
Alps in Graubuenden. Digital oil.
Farm in Northamerica. Sketch in digital oil.
Old house. Sketch in digital oil.
Farm in the morning. Sketch in digital oil.
Abstract painting in digital oil. Old church.
Quick painting in digital oil. We will continue with 'APaintingAWeek' and sometimes add paintings in this page.



More paintings will follow. Weekly about one painting.
Sketch on I-Pad with digital oil. Painted with the fingers on I-Pad.
Digital oil on I-Pad. The Royal Thai Army prepares for an emergency Covid-19 flight. News 25.7.2021. They fly Covid-19 patients out of full Bangkok to northern hospitals.
Winter in the eavening with clouds. Digital oil on I-Pad.
Country side. Digital watercolor and oil on I-Pad.
River to lake. Digital watercolor sketch.
Piz Toissa, Savognin. Digital watercolor sketch.
Inspiration from the Swiss artist Ferdinand Hodler. Digital watercolor sketch.
Village in Thurgau, Switzerland. Digital watercolor sketch.
Cliff in the sea. Digital oil sketch on the I-Pad.
Cliff-2 in the sea. Digital oil 10 minute-sketch on the I-Pad.
Runoff after a heavy rain. Digital oil-sketch on the I-Pad.
The Taliban in Afghanistan on 1.September 2021. Digital oil-sketch on the I-Pad.
White church in the snow. Digital oil-sketch on the I-Pad.
River with the sunset. Digital oil-sketch on the I-Pad.
All copyright 2021 On Nuea Art, Chiang Mai, Thailand.