Nuea Design

     Applied form-finding from nature
     Our main work is in Product Design and in Environmental Design.
     Nuea Design is planed for opening in the year 2025. 

     Our office will be in Chiang Mai, North-Thailand. 

     It is planed to do online-services for Europe and the USA.


     We had a design office -Ebneter Design- in Switzerland for the years 1998 to 2010



      We do


-    Product Design

-    Transportation Design

-    Environmental Design






Nuea Design

swiss valley, 77-1, Moo 7, T. On Nuea, A. Mae On, 

50130-Chiang Mai, Thailand


We open in the year 2025.






All copyright 2025, Nuea Design


Past work from Ebneter Design (1998 to 2010).

Bayerische Zugspitzbahn Bergbahn AG (BZB). Stadler Rail 2003. Zahnrad-Doppeltriebwagen.

  Entwurfszeichnungen Environmental Design,-`Tranter las Ivas` für weitere Informationen.

  Illustrationen von Laserscanning-Punktewolke zu CAD-2D and CAD 3D. 
  Architecture within Nature: Illustration for a house on the shore of Lake Tahoe, USA (personal project).

  Independent designstudy. Product Design, Pisten Bully 400e. Copyright Ebneter Independent Study 2010.


  Independent designstudy. Product Design, Cat Grader 120. Copyright Ebneter Independent Study 2010.


Fela Gruppe, Diessenhofen. Illustration Product Design for a Alarm-GPS-system for the company Rega and Swisscom. Ebneter Design, year 2004.
Illustration Product Design, Pyranha IIIc for the company Mowag AG, Kreuzlingen, Switzerland. Ebneter Design, year 2008.
Study for interior illustration for a themed restaurant (Ustria) and bar with cosy-style.
Independent study 2023.

Illustration Product Design, client-presentations for the company VBZ (Verkehrs Betriebe Zürich), and ADtranz / Bombardier. Design from cabin done by the company Pininfarina, Italy. 3D-Presentation for client: Ebneter Design, year 2001.


  Illustration for the company Stadler Rail, Bussnang, Switzerland. 3D-Presentation: Ebneter Design, year 2003.


Design and planing for a two-family house in Weinfelden, Switzerland. Reviewed 2018 in the swiss architecture magazin `Das Enfamilien-Haus`. Ebneter Design, year 2016.


Architecture Design: Design and 2D-plan-illustrations for a car-showroom in Kreuzlingen, 2009 Switzerland. Ebneter Design, year 2006.


Illustration Design: 2D-plan-illustrations for a streetproject, Switzerland.
Ebneter Design, year 2005.


Personal project for a new city-concept. Electric City Scooter 'marbiu' 2025. `e-city`(only in german text). Independent study 2023.


  VW Beetle. Independent study from year 2022. 


  Car design. Independent studies from year 2022. 


  Digital painting of the `Piz Toissa` in the program Rebelle. Year 2023.




 Nuea Design


  All copyright 2025, Nuea Design


Mein Lebenslauf:

Marcel Ebneter 27.10.1968

1984-1988 Bester Hochbauzeichner-Lehrlingsabschluss im Kt. Thurgau, Switzerland

1988-1993 Anstellung Hochbauzeichner Architektur

1993-1994 Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture, USA

1994-1997 Art Center College of Design, Diplom BSc, Switzerland/USA (23.8.1997, Bachelor of Science in Product Design)

31.3.1998 Gründung Firma 'ebneterdesign', Weinfelden, Marcel Ebneter, Switzerland (Firma 24.8.2011 durch Marcel Ebneter gelöscht)

2011-2019 Aufenthalt mit meiner Familie in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

2018-2020 Bau Resort 'swiss valley' in Chiang Mai. Info: Hier unter dem Webbanner 's.v.'.

1.10.2020  Gründung ebneterdesign, Einzelfirma Marcel und Sunisa Ebneter, Chiang Mai, Thailand

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