On Nuea Art Gallery, Chiang Mai

Our homebase On Nuea Art Gallery/ On Nuea Art+Design in 'swiss valley', Chiang Mai.

On Nuea Art Gallery.

We sell modern and traditional art from North-Thailand. We sell mostly work from artists from our Chiang Mai-area. We display also our own design and artwork. We have art-paintings, and traditional Lanna art.
Our gallery at swiss valley, Chiang Mai.



Marcel Ebneter

E-mail: ebneterdesign@hotmail.com

Digital watercolor paintings

'A Watercolor-Painting A Week'
We will do more digital watercolor-paintings in April 2022. We like to improve our speed, workflow, creativity, and technique. The theme is 'places and landscapes'.

Church in the winter. Digital pastel/-watercolor, program Rebelle.

Cows in the field. Digital watercolor, program Rebelle.

Farm in late fall. Digital watercolor, program Art Rage.

Mountains. Digital watercolor/-oil, program Rebelle.

Farm with a small creek. Digital watercolor/-guache, program Rebelle.

Fish. Digital watercolor, program SketchBook.

Fast sketch from a beach in California. Digital watercolor, program Procreate.

Farm with digital watercolor,-program Rebelle. More digital watercolor paintings later.


All pictures are copyright 2022 On Nuea Art+Design, Chiang Mai, Thailand.