Organic Architecture

Organic architecture is a philosophy of architecture which promotes harmony between human habitation and the natural world. This is achieved through design approaches that aim to be sympathetic and well-integrated with a site, so buildings, furnishings, and surroundings become part of a unified, interrelated composition. (Wikipedia).

We do Design for Organic Architecture in open landscapes or cityscapes to fit the building in harmony withinin the surounding. We did three projects inspired by the principles of Organic Architecture. Together with our 'Digital Painting'-lockdown personal project here in Thailand.


Project 1

House on the Lake Tahoe, USA. Personal project. Theme/inspiration: The house and interior should be peaceful and quiet in the surounding landscape. It should make the place better looking than without the house. Inspiration from Frank Lloyd Wright and John Lautner.

House on the Lake Tahoe, USA. Personal project. Concept-layout for the groundfloor plan. Two dining and living rooms, two kitchens, three sleeping rooms with bath, two guestrooms, and a gallery hall.

3D-illustrations in planing soon.


Project 2

Cliff-House on the sea. Pre-project, personal project. Theme/inspiration: The sea is 24m (80 feet) below. The site is on a steep, rocky cliff in California. Inspiration from Frank Lloyd Wrigh, John Lautner, Morphosis, Coop Himmelblau, and Frank Gehry. The house and interior should be spectacular and a show-off in the already dynamic/wild surounding landscape.

3D-illustrations in planing soon.

Cliff-House on the sea. Personal project. Concept-layout for the groundfloor plans. Two dining and living rooms,-plus middle livingroom within the treespace. Two kitchens, three sleeping rooms with bath, two guestrooms, and a gallery hall.


Project 3

Small-House. Pre-project, personal project. Theme/inspiration: Tiny house and the architecture of Richard Neutra and Frank Lloyd Wright's usonian house design. Project in countryside of Switzerland. Small house 50m2 with two rooms and one bathroom, but cosy. The house is off-grid, no electric but with solar. The veranda has a placed glas-skylight to let the wintersun in the house, and the more vertical summersun not.

Total Floorspace is 50m2, including the walls. The house has a wintergarden for sunheat-regulation. It has an oven for heating and is off-grid. The electric is from solar and stored in a 1000 watt battery-pack for consumption. The materials used are bricks, concrete and outside insulation of 10cm. The concreteroof has 15cm insulation against the summerheat.

Windows are placed near the ground and near the roof to open the space and integrate the house with the surounding nature and sky.


Principles of Organic Architecture

The term "organic architecture" was coined by Frank Lloyd Wright (1867–1959), though never well-articulated by his cryptic style of writing:

So here I stand before you preaching organic architecture: declaring organic architecture to be the modern ideal and the teaching so much needed if we are to see the whole of life and to now serve the whole of life, holding no traditions essential to the great TRADITION. Nor cherishing any preconceived form fixing upon us either past, present, or future, but instead exalting the simple laws of common sense or of super-sense if you prefer determining form by way of the nature of materials.

Principles for the planing of organic architecture:

  • be inspired by nature and be sustainable, healthy, conserving, and diverse.
  • unfold, like an organism, from the seed within.
  • exist in the "continuous present" and "begin again and again".
  • follow the flows and be flexible and adaptable.
  • satisfy social, physical, and spiritual needs.
  • "grow out of the site" and be unique.
  • celebrate the spirit of youth, play, and surprise.
  • express the rhythm of music and the power of dance.Fallingwater by Frank Lloyd Wright. The main inspiration in Organic Architecture is from the nature.
  • Monona Terrace Convention Center, Madison. Frank Lloyd Wright. It was built from the designplan of Frank Lloyd Wright. We did also participate in this project-, we helped with the layout and the construction-plandrawings for this building.


Older Project from 1997:

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