2023 Product Design



Case study 2023 for Product Design:

CDC:  Concept - Design - Create

Our personal approach to Product Design. Case study 2023.

1. Concept

`from the inside out`. Briefing from client. Before the start of the project: we do product-research, sketches and first ideations from hand. Doing small cardboard- or clay-bloc-models to get a 3D-feeling for the product. We provide you in a first work with 15 concept-ideas.

We use for ideation-sketch in 2D the I-Pad Pro with the apps Sketchbook, ArtStudio, and ClipStudio.
On the PC we use Rebelle, ClipStudio, and Photoshop for 2D-ideation-sketches.
soon more.

2. Design

`Design in CAD`. Design-finding in CAD-3D,-for a feeling of the product,-the consumer-user-experience. We design with Cinema4D/Silo and Rhino/Twinmotion in 3D-space. We do first 2D-view-scaleplans in this second stage.

We provide you our best 5 design-ideas.

This step has more production-details,-the mood of the product in the product-environment.


soon more.



3. Create

Refinement in CAD-2D and CAD-3D. In this stage we do studies of the design-details. We do realistic graphic view-plans in Vectorworks or Adobe Illustrator, and we do CAD-2D contoursection-plans.

A new, and fotorealistic 3D-visualization is done in NURBS-Rhino/Cinema4D and helps to see if the design works. We support you all the way untill product-production.


soon more.